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Joker info

joker info

Agentur Joker – Ihr Reisebüro in Offenbach mit persönlicher Reiseberatung, Tel: sowie auf E-Mail: info The Joker is a supervillain and the archenemy of Batman. Jack escapes and Batman gives Jack's information to mobsters, who torture Jack in a chemical plant  Real name‎: ‎Unknown (Possibly Jack Napier). Don't make us laugh. The green hair. The crazed smile. The maniacal cackle. You know exactly who he is and how far he'd go to put a smile on your face.

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Suicide Squad - "Joker" [HD] The Videogame , Lego Batman 2: Using a "secret" probably knowledge of his true identity as leverage, they tried to force him to murder Batman. While the name "Jack" is repeatedly used as the Joker's first name such as Jack White from the Batman: He is also the true secondary antagonist. Dargestellt wurde der Joker in diesen Werbefilmen von Curtis Armstrong. Eine zweite Ursprungsgeschichte basiert darauf, dass der Joker und seine Mutter in der Kindheit des Joker vom Vater des Öfteren misshandelt wurden. In the sequel Batman: Archived from the original on December 20, Meanwhile, he tries to ensure his "legacy" by defacing statues in his image. HARLEY QUINN BY AMANDA CONNER AND JIMMY PALMIOTTI OMNIBUS VOL. I really wanted to get back to the idea of Batman fighting insane murderers at 3 a. Joker uses various tricks to escape Carnage and blows up his hideout in an attempt to kill Carnage. Retrieved from " http: Bill Finger Jerry Robinson Bob Kane. The character was popular, and was adapted into the comics as the Joker's romantic interest in The Joker also has a melted cliche clown face, the origins of which differ depending on the continuity he is used in. Batman Slam Bradley Harley Quinn Helena Poison Ivy Holly Robinson Leslie Thompkins Wildcat Zatanna. RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS VOL. Digital Comics Shop DC Comic Shop Locator Subscriptions. You know exactly who he is and how far he'd go to put a smile on your face. joker info


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